Simple Fractals in Processing

I was playing around this week¬†with ways to demonstrate recursion in Processing and also looking into embedding small Processing sketches on the web. So, here is my first experiment,¬†embedded using the processingjs wordpress plugin (I had to use version 1.0 and install manually; couldn’t get the newer version in wordpress’s plugins list to work for some reason).

Simple fractal
Donya Quick

void setup() {

void draw() {
 drawPattern(0,0,width/2, 2); // change last argument to 1 for more detail

void drawPattern(float x, float y, float squareSize, float minSize) {
 rect(x,y,squareSize, squareSize);
 rect(x+squareSize, y, squareSize, squareSize);
 rect(x, y+squareSize, squareSize, squareSize);
 if (squareSize > minSize) {
  drawPattern(x, y, squareSize/2, minSize);
  drawPattern(x+squareSize, y, squareSize/2, minSize);
  drawPattern(x, y+squareSize, squareSize/2, minSize);

Of course, it then got somewhat out of hand with rather a lot more code…enough so that I can’t embed it directly without causing intolerable browser lag.

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