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I have been involved with music for as long as I can remember. I primarily play piano and guitars (classical, electric, and more recently bass and hollow body electric), but have also played violin and recorder in the past. However, I have always preferred composing to performing. Most of my recent compositions are a mix of various electronic styles and jazz, although I have written more cinematic, orchestral compositions in the past.

Where to Hear My Music

Recent Work Highlights

Older Work Highlights

  • Work from 2017 with synthesizers.
  • Work from 2013 with digital synthesizers.
  • Work from 2014 using the Euterpea studio.

    The piece above was created by recording a harmonium using the Euterpea Studio. The harmonium was used as an example for computer music students to see some factors involved in turning physical instruments into virtual ones, although most of the harmonium in the composition above is the actual harmonium rather than its virtual version. Pictures of the recording setup: