An Avian Sound Installation

I have a 23-year-old nandy conure called Binky. He has a remarkable capacity for understanding rules just well enough to find away around them. He regularly gets told “no” for being loud – but only when he’s loud with his voice. Playing with toys is ok and something I try to encourage. In fact, he’s been a strangely good apartment creature over the years because of his ability to curb his screaming, which is often not the case for parrots. But, as a parrot, he is still drawn to noise. How can he be loud without using his voice? Recently, the answer was clear: take some new plastic chain links I got for him and violently whip them back and forth across some small metal chimes, that, in turn, hit the cage. Over and over again. For hours. And so, I give you…a quality recording of the new sound installation that I live with. Enjoy.

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