Installing Kulitta

Last modified: Aug 24, 2018 @ 4:21 pm

Installing Kulitta

Kulitta requires Haskell Platform and the Euterpea library. If you want to compile the GUI for Kulitta (contained in Kulitta’s Examples folder), you will also need the HSoM library, although this is not required for using the Kulitta’s library features.

Setup Instructions

Kulitta is now available on Hackage! For the simplest installation:

  1. Install Haskell Platform for your operating system.
    • Recommended version: 8.0.4 core or full.
    • Old version warning for Windows: if using version 8.0.1 or earlier, you must use the 32-bit version of the platform. 64-bit versions only became compatible with Kulitta’s dependencies as of version 8.0.2.
  2. Open a terminal or command prompt (or power shell) and run:
    cabal update
    cabal install Kulitta


Installing Kulitta from GitHub

To install the development version of Kulitta from GitHub (which may be newer than the version on Hackage):

  1. Download Kulitta from GitHub and extract the zip file on your computer.
  2. Run the following (note: you do NOT include the library name when installing this way!):
    cabal install