Past Research


Research conducted at Southern Methodist University:

  • Applications and Parameter Analysis of Temporal Chaos Game Representation (TCGR)
    • Software development for TCGR visualization
    • Application of TCGR to miRNA data
    • Development of GeoTCGR for seismic data
  • Development of algorithms and software (SeisMiner) for spatial-temporal clustering of seismic data. Although not my main research focus currently, I am still looking into further development of these algorithms.

Masters thesis links

  • Thesis Title: “Applications and Parameter Analysis of Temporal Chaos Game Representation” (Advisor: Margaret H. Dunham)
  • Masters thesis software – includes the full suite of TCGR tools, G-Align, GeoTCGR, and SeisMiner.


  • “TCGR: A Novel DNA/RNA Visualization Technique.” Donya Quick and Margaret H. Dunham. Extended abstract from the NGDM ’07 conference in Baltimore, MD.
  • “Visualization of DNA/RNA Structure using Temporal CGRs.” Margaret H. Dunham, Donya Quick, Yuhang Wang, Monnie McGee, and Jim Waddle. IEEE BIBE 2006.

Bioinformatics research links: