Other Work

Last modified: 04-September-2014

Hermit crab work – documents I have created related to marine hermit crabs. These have been a fascination of mine since early 2006. My main efforts have been to add detail to the body of knowledge on captive care and behavioral differences between species commonly seen in the North American and European aquarium trades.

Snail work – documents and software I have produced related to apple snails and other aquatic snails. Most of this work is at least a few years old and is fairly informal. My on freshwater snails started to stagnate with the USDA’s recent ban on transport of certain species I had been studying, although requirements for permits were eventually lifted for one species I worked on (Pomacea diffusa).

Other writing – other documents I’ve created.


A Clibanarius longitarsus hermit crab from one of my tanks.