Origami Designs

This page gives list of all the origami designs I’ve created over time and where to find instructions for them (where applicable).

Diagram source descriptions:

Unicorn1992DeviantArtDiagrammed in 2009
Dragon1992DeviantArtDiagrammed in 2009
Sea Turtle1993DeviantArtDiagrammed in 2009
Dinosaur1995DeviantArtSimple bird base Ornithomimid dinosaur. Diagrammed in 2009.
Sea Lion1995DeviantArtDiagrammed in 2009.
Hermit Crab with Shell2009DeviantArt
Hermit Crab (no Shell)2009DeviantArt
Narwhall II2009N/AUses a different paper division (3rds) and has a closed back.
Simple Scorpion2009DeviantArtDesign is the one on the right in the picture ("Abstraction").
Apple Snail2009N/A
Crab2009DeviantArtBox pleated design.
Simple Crab2009DeviantArtFront right in picture.
Pyramid Head2009DeviantArt
Octopus2009DeviantArtFrom an equilateral triangle
Simple Brachiosaurus2009DeviantArt
Parasaurolophus2009DeviantArt and Paleo OrigamiDiagrams in the book are cleaner and more detailed.
Iguanodon2009DeviantArt and Paleo OrigamiDiagrams in the book are cleaner and more detailed.
Raptor (Dinosaur)2009DeviantArt
Triceratops2009DeviantArtDifferent from the Triceratops the forthcoming book.
BrachyCeratops2009DeviantArtSimilar to the Monoclonius.
Stegosaurus2009DeviantArt and Paleo OrigamiDiagrams in the book are cleaner and more detailed.
Plesiosaurus2009DeviantArt and Paleo OrigamiDiagrams in the book are cleaner and more detailed.
Tyrannosaurus2009DeviantArtDifferent from the Tyrannosaurus in forthcoming book.
Hen (Rounded)2010N/A
Pig2010N/ADifferent from the Pig in An Origami Farm.
Moose2010N/AA cartoonish moose with a large head.
Ram (Sheep)2010N/AA cartoonish ram with a large head. Different from the Ram in An Origami Farm.
Elephant2009N/AUsed in "Wrapping Paper Zoo" picture.
Simple Elephant2009N/A
Camel2009N/AUsed in "Wrapping Paper Zoo" picture.
Giraffe2009N/AUsed in "Wrapping Paper Zoo" picture.
Praying Mantis2010N/A
Scorpion2010N/ABox-pleated pattern. Left model in the picture ("Abstraction").
Simple Chicken2020An Origami Farm Chicken design (yellow in picture).
Simple Chicken II2020An Origami Farm Chicken design.
Chick2020An Origami Farm Chicken design.
Hen2020An Origami Farm Chicken design (left).
Rooster2020An Origami Farm Chicken design (right).
Brahma Chicken2020An Origami Farm Chicken design.
Orpington Chicken2020An Origami Farm Chicken design.
Modern Game Chicken2020An Origami Farm Chicken design (right).
Silkie Chicken2020An Origami FarmChicken design (middle).
Serama Rooster2020An Origami FarmChicken design (left).
Sitting Hound2020An Origami Farm
Rough Collie2020An Origami Farm
Pig2020An Origami Farm
Goat2020An Origami FarmPurple design in picture.
Simple Sheep2020An Origami Farm
Sheep2020An Origami Farm
Ram (Sheep)2020An Origami Farm
Texas Longhorn2020An Origami Farm
Horse1992An Origami FarmDiagrammed in 2020. Pictured pulling cart.
Simple Duck2020An Origami Farm
Standing Duck2020An Origami Farm
Goose2020An Origami Farm
Person / Farmer2020An Origami FarmPerson design pictured sitting in cart.
Picket Fence2020An Origami Farm
Fence2020An Origami Farm
Trough / Container2020An Origami Farm
Tuft of Grass2020An Origami Farm and Paleo Origami
Two-Part Trees2020An Origami Farm and Paleo Origami
Barn / Shed2020An Origami Farm3D structure with a door/opening one side.
Tyrannosaurus2020Paleo OrigamiDifferent from the Tyrannosaurus on DeviantArt.
Diplodocus2020Paleo OrigamiDinosaur design.
Brachiosaurus2020Paleo OrigamiDinosaur design. Different from the Brachiosaurus on DeviantArt.
Corythosaurus2020Paleo OrigamiDinosaur design. Similar to the Parasaurolophus.
Monoclonius2020Paleo OrigamiDinosaur design.
Triceratops2020Paleo OrigamiDinosaur design.
Roaring Baryonyx2020Paleo OrigamiDinosaur design.
Velociraptor2020Paleo OrigamiDinosaur design that implies arm and tail feathers.
Oviraptor2020Paleo OrigamiDinosaur design that implies arm and tail feathers.
Dimetrodon2020Paleo Origami
Sharovipteryx2020Paleo Origami
Surfacing Plesiosaurus2020Paleo Origami
Pliosaur / Kronosaurus2009 / 2020DeviantArt and Paleo OrigamiRe-diagrammed in 2020 for the book and features subtle changes.
Pterodactylus2020Paleo OrigamiPterosaur design from a triangle half-square.
Pteranodon2020Paleo OrigamiPterosaur design from a triangle half-square.
Dimorphodon2020Paleo OrigamiPterosaur design from a square.
Titanis2020Paleo OrigamiTerror bird from a triangle half-square.
Wooly Mammoth2020Paleo Origami
Pterygotus2020Paleo OrigamiPaleozoic invertebrate. A Eurypterid or sea scorpion.
Anomalocaris2020Paleo OrigamiBurgess shale invertebrate.
Opabinia2020Paleo OrigamiBurgess shale invertebrate.
Trilobite2020Paleo OrigamiPaleozoic and Burgess shale invertebrate.
Tuft of Grass II2020Paleo Origami
Two-Part Palm Trees2009/2020Paleo OrigamiSimple top designed in 2009. Fancy version designed in 2020.
Bearded Chicken2021N/AChicken design based on Easter eggers, Ameraucanas, and Faverolles.
Merino Sheep2021DeviantArt
Simple Ankylosaurus2009N/AA simplification of the Ankylosaurus design.
Leaning Cycad2020Paleo OrigamiPlants in the picture.