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Some Algorithmic Art

When I’m too tired to do anything else useful, but not quite tired enough to sleep, I sometimes open up an image editing program like GIMP, load up some kind of geometric image, and then smash it to death with filters and other transformations until it either looks more interesting/appealing or so hideous that I …

Something Kind of Like Asteroids

More fun with embedding Processing in WordPress. Use the mouse to guide your white, strangely circular space ship (space orb?) through the asteroid field. Click to fire your laser and blast apart things in your way, but use it wisely since it has a cool-down time and can cause debris to change trajectory unpredictably.

Simple Fractals in Processing

I was playing around this week¬†with ways to demonstrate recursion in Processing and also looking into embedding small Processing sketches on the web. So, here is my first experiment,¬†embedded using the processingjs wordpress plugin (I had to use version 1.0 and install manually; couldn’t get the newer version in wordpress’s plugins list to work for …