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Last modified: Dec 4, 2016 @ 4:09 pm

Many of my small essays have been turned into blog posts at this point. However, this page presents them organized by topic and with short descriptions, making it a bit easier to look through than the main blog page.

Computer Music Technical Tutorials

  • Recording from Multiple Devices on Mac and Windows (December 2016). How to record from your microphone at the same time as capturing other audio on your computer. Useful for Skype meetings and recording lectures involving audio.
  • Working with MIDI on Mac (OS X) (September 2016). General setup information for working with MIDI and synthesizers on recent Mac computers.
  • Working with MIDI on Windows Outside of a DAW (January 2015). Solutions to MIDI-related setup problems that I have had to make use of myself and that I am frequently asked about by others.
  • MIDI on Windows for Eutepea 2 users (2016). A page I created for to help people trying to set up Euterpea’s various MIDI features. If you are struggling with MIDI in/out latency or can’t stand the Windows default MIDI synthesizer, give this page a look. There is also an older version for Euterpea 1.1.1 users on the Yale Haskell Group’s website.

Other Computer Music Topics

Other Stuff