Current Research

The MUSICA Project 

The MUSICA Project is part of the DARPA Communicating with Computers program. The project is focused on human-computer interaction and communication through natural language and music. My current research at Stevens Institute of Technology is under this project.

  • Composition by Conversation is a use case where a human collaboratively creates and edits musical scores using natural language with a chat-style interface.
  • Generative & Interactive Jazz is another use case of the project that involves communication purely through music. My work in this area includes the development of functional models for jazz improvisation and the creation of software that can improvise with human musicians in real time.


Kulitta is a library for automated and algorithmic composition in Haskell. It was the subject of my dissertation at Yale.

Previous Research

Prior to starting my graduate work at Yale in 2008, my research involved analysis of DNA/RNA and seismic data.