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I am currently a Research Assistant Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology. Previously I was a Visiting Professor at Southern Methodist University and Lecturer at Yale. My current work involves research is at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, music theory, and programming languages. I am also a composer and have dabbled in other creative areas in the past, and I have a life-long interest in aquariums, fish, and aquatic invertebrates. This site contains information on various areas of my research, other work, and hobbies.

Recent Work

Ugly Purse Dog (February 2019): algo-bebop generated with models using Euterpea/Haskell. Large sections were arranged in a DAW.

Zero Order II, an interactive generative system coded with the Littlefoot language for a ROLI Lightpad M block.

Partially algorithmic work with some bossa nova accompaniment algorithms used as part of a remix an old piece of mine.

How can I get updates on new pieces and/or research?
There are a few ways:

  • SoundCloud if you just want to hear new music I make.
  • Scribe to me on YouTube if you want music visualizations and occasional research-related videos.
  • Follow me on Facebook for all of the above and a lot more. If just follow me on Facebook (but don’t friend), then you’ll get updates on new compositions, visualizations, publications, libraries I maintain (Kulitta and Euterpea), and various other work-related projects of mine. If you friend me, you’ll also get other shared¬†things that I find humorous (typically bad music puns) and periodic pictures of things relating to my other hobbies. I do not currently use Twitter or other social media sites.