An Origami Farm

Donya Quick
October 29, 2020
Paperback / eBook
ISBN-13: 979-8689300160
A collection of 29 farm-themed origami tutorials. Designs span a range of difficulties from those suitable for beginners to others that offer more of a challenge. Both a print and e-book version are available on Amazon. The e-book version has reflowable diagrams to maximize compatibility across devices.
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The Haskell School of Music: from Signals to Symphonies

Paul Hudak and Donya Quick
August 31, 2018.
Hardcover / eBook
ISBN-10 : 1108416756
ISBN-13 : 978-1108416757
Cambridge | Amazon
Description: “This book explores the fundamentals of computer music and functional programming through the Haskell programming language. Functional programming is typically considered difficult to learn. This introduction in the context of creating music will allow students and professionals with a musical inclination to leverage their experience to help understand concepts that might be intimidating in more traditional computer science settings. Conversely, the book opens the door for programmers to interact with music by using a medium that is familiar to them. Readers will learn how to use the Euterpea library for Haskell ( to represent and create their own music with code, without the need for other music software. The book explores common paradigms used in algorithmic music composition, such as stochastic generation, musical grammars, self-similarity, and real-time interactive systems. Other topics covered include the basics of signal-based systems in Haskell, sound synthesis, and virtual instrument design.”

A note about versions: this book is the official release of Haskell School of Music. The book was started by my thesis advisor (Paul Hudak) and finished by me after his passing. It has come to my attention that there are PDFs of early drafts of the work floating around on the Internet. I do not have control over these files and they do not accurately reflect the content of the final book. I realize that many former students and colleagues who watched the evolution of Euterpea may have PDFs of early drafts floating around on their hard drives. Please do NOT make these files publicly available, as it as created confusion over what is actually in the published book. Deliberate public distribution of those files is also disrespectful to the amount of work that went into finishing the book.